Mussels from Penn Cove

Penn Cove Mussels

We have been farming mussels in Penn cove since 1975 and we are America's oldest and largest commercial mussel farm. This means we have been around long enough to know what customers expect in quality shellfish, and our goal is to exceed our customer's needs and expectations.

A tasty Penn Cove mussel

In Penn Cove, we farm both the native Penn Cove Mussels and Mediterranean Mussels. Both of these types of mussels occur naturally in the Puget Sound region, however the Penn Cove Mussels are most commonly found throughout Washington State whereas the Mediterranean mussels are normally found further south in California in the latitudes similar to farms located in southern France, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Key Benefits to purchasing mussels from Penn Cove Shellfish
Our mussels are always harvested per order; so they are always fresh from the water versus fresh out of the warehouse! This means they always have a fresh from the sea flavor.
Penn Cove Mussels are the sweetest and meatiest mussels you ever will eat!
Packaged and priced for every need, mussels from Penn Cove are a favorite for food service and retail consumers and are sold ready to go from the bag to the pan.