How to Shuck Oysters

Shucking Oysters Step One First, if not already the case, the oysters should be rinsed so that the shells are free of mud or sand. Then the shucker, (you), should place the oyster, cup side down, with the hinged end of the oyster pointed toward you, into the palm of your hand which you have wisely protected with either a rubber glove or dish towel.
Shucking Oysters Step Two Then with your prominent hand, choke up on the blade and handle of an oyster knife leaving only an inch or two of blade exposed.
Shucking Oysters Step Three Continue by grasping the oyster firmly and working the blade of the oyster knife into the hinge of the oyster. Once the blade is in, you twist the oyster knife to pop the hinge of the oyster open.
Shucking Oysters Step Four The knife should then be inserted further into the oyster, guiding the blade along the top edge of the oyster shell until reaching the adductor muscle, which you cut by sliding the oyster knife blade across the muscle; this should free the top shell.
Shucking Oysters Step Five Remove the top shell, finishing to cut the adductor muscle if you missed part of it.
Shucking Oysters Step Five You are now ready to cut the bottom of the adductor muscle; do so by guiding your oyster knife under the oyster against the shell and slicing through the muscle, leaving the oyster and its juice or "liquor" remaining in the shell!

Don't be too discouraged if the first few oysters look like they have been through a food processor, just keep practicing, your friends will either wait or step in and shuck for you.

For those oysters, not shuckers, that are accidentally sliced and diced, simply put some cocktail sauce or mignonette on the oyster and your friends will probably never be the wiser. Most of all, enjoy eating a few yourself!

Click here to see an oyster shucking demonstration.